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Alwa’s Awakening is heading to Xbox One!

It’s finally time to release Alwa’s Awakening on Xbox One! This means our game will soon be available on all four major platforms, a major milestone indeed! You might wonder why it has taken us this long to get the game out? Well, the reason for that is we’ve been busy working on our new […]

Alwa’s Awakening about to release on PlayStation 4

We’re happy to announce that Alwa’s Awakening will soon release on PlayStation 4! When we first released Alwa’s Awakening on Steam we always hoped that it one day would find itself out on console and we’re super excited to be able to add PS4 to platforms our game is available on. It runs beautifully and […]

Alwa’s Awakening is out on Nintendo Switch

Yes, finally! Our little love letter to old Nintendo games is finally playable on a Nintendo console! You can get the game in the Nintendo Switch eShop right now for a price of €9.99 / $9.99 (or the equivalent in your region). Besides running beautifully in 60 fps, we’ve also added HD Rumble so the […]

EA Access – Alwa’s Awakening was just on E3!

Our little game Alwa’s Awakening was just on the stage of an E3 presentation! That’s amazing and it really caught us by surprise. They didn’t show any gameplay but our cover artwork was shown together with a bunch of other games in the EA Play 2018 presentation that take place every year and the reason […]

Alwa’s Awakening heading to the Switch!

Alwa’s Awakening is landing on Switch this summer! After making a splash on PC it’s finally making its’ first ever console debut. It’ll run deliciously in 60 fps and will include HD Rumble and an all-new optional Assist Mode, which enables you to play the game in any way you want. Alwa’s Awakening is a […]

Welcome to our new site!

Ah, the famous welcome post of a blog. This is where you’d normally read that we’ll post every week about our game and that we’re super excited to get started. Then reality sets in and you realize it’s been months since you last posted something. So that’s why we won’t promise monthly content, we’ll instead […]