A Void Hope takes you on an atmospheric narrative adventure to find a cure for a collapsed city. Follow the story of a tormented couple as they try to decipher reality from nightmares and evade the shadowy threats lurking in the dark.

February 29


An immersive experience

  • Solve puzzles, find items and progress through the story in this world brimming with mysterious ambiance

Something lurks in the shadows

  • Crisp retro aesthetics combined with atmospheric lighting shows a world in darkness but with small slivers of hope

Avoid combat, embrace exploration

  • Delve into an adventure filled with danger and make your way through the city avoiding the threats that come your way

A haunting soundtrack

  • Composed by synthwave mastermind Waveshaper, an eerie and evocative landscape of music accompanies your every step

A Void Hope is the latest game from developer and publisher Elden Pixels, purveyor of quality boutique releases. An immersive and atmospheric puzzle platformer with beautiful pixel art and a haunting soundtrack.


An atmospheric platformer wouldn’t be atmospheric without a killer soundtrack, would it? That’s why we had the absolute pleasure to work with synthwave mastermind Waveshaper. For A Void Hope he created a soundtrack inspired by movies and drew a lot of inspiration both from newer movies such as It Follows but also from classics like The Thing.

Listen to the first single on Spotify

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