About Elden Pixels

Elden Pixels was founded in 2016 when a group of friends got together and started making the game Alwa’s Awakening. What started just like a small side project eventually turned into a real studio when the game became successful. Now the goal is to create fun, creative and cool games with a focus on gameplay.

Mikael Forslind

CEO & Designer 

Mikael was the one who once had an idea that it would be cool to make a game. Didn’t realize that idea would result in years of hard work and the forming of a company. Has a background in Business & Marketing from Image & Form and Zoink. Secretly dreams of being able to speed run Battle Kid 2.

firstname [at] eldenpixels.com

Isac Degerborg


Isac started out many years ago as an intern but we quickly understood he knew a lot more than all of us so we immediately hired him before any other company could. Spends his days programming but does occasionally dabble in the art of game design as well. Loves going out for a run.

firstname [at] eldenpixels.com

Alexander Berggren

Pixel Artist

Our pixel magician who spends hours after hours putting all the pixels together into cool art. Used to live in the rainy city of Borås and sports a wicked beard and old man’s cap which makes him look smart and sophisticated. Loves Sega games because Sega does what Nintendon’t.

firstname [at] eldenpixels.com

For main inquiries, please use info@eldenpixels.com if you want to get in touch.

If your question is related to business or marketing please contact mikael@eldenpixels.com.