Elden Pixels is a small indie developer and publisher focusing on quality boutique releases. We’ve developed and published two of our own games (Alwa’s Awakening and Alwa’s Legacy) and we’ve so far published one game made by another developer called Cathedral.

Elden Pixels was founded by Mikael Forslind and before starting his own company he worked with marketing & publishing at renowned studios Image & Form and Zoink Games, where he helped released their games on multiple platforms. Mikael simultaneously worked for both studios, helping them land in what eventually became Thunderful.

Working with us

Here’s what we provided for the developers of Cathedral

  • All publishings tasks for releasing on console – From first approval, submitting builds, store assets, required documents to everything that’s needed in order to release
  • QA in the form of playing through the game
  • Marketing support from all Elden Pixels channels as well as hiring an external PR Agency
  • Business advice and support, localization advice as well as post-release marketing and maintenance

Basically you as a developer just provide the build of the game, and we’ll do the rest. Right now we’re looking for quality releases that either fits our portfolio or maybe something entirely different!

Hey! Listen!

Want to pitch a game? Send us an email to and tell us all about it!


Alwa’s Legacy
Developer & Publisher

Alwa’s Awakening (PC + Console)
Developer & Publisher

Publisher (Switch)

Alwa’s Awakening 8-Bit Edition (NES)