Game Summary

Alwa’s Legacy is a modern retro game full of dangerous dungeons, magical items and ancient secrets. By upgrading your magic, any way forward is right in this non-linear adventure game full of exploration.


Customize how you play
  • With our upgrade system you can choose how you want to play – Explorative, offensive or strategic. It’s your choice!
Exploration is rewarded
  • Don’t leave any stone unturned, the world of Alwa is filled with secrets and finding them requires you to explore and solve puzzles
A non-linear experience
  • Combining exploration and different item upgrades allows you to find your own way through this adventure
Looks and sounds amazing
  • Enjoy crisp pixel-art combined with modern effects as well as a soundtrack made by chiptune extraordinaire RushJet1
A challenge awaits
  • Quick reflexes are needed to navigate through the many challenging rooms and with easy-to-change settings anyone can enjoy Alwa’s Legacy

A modern retro game

Alwa’s Legacy has fast movement has upgradeable magics was funded through Kickstarter

Alwa’s Legacy was partly funded through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. We’re humbled and thankful for the amazing support we received during our campaign and without the support from our backers we wouldn’t be able to continue development so thank you everyone who helped us make Alwa’s Legacy a reality!

Click the link below to follow the Kickstarter Rewards progress.


Looks and sounds beautiful

Beautiful scenery – For Alwa’s Legacy we had to extend the team and super talented artist Vierbit is responsible for all background art

Twitter: @vierbit

Sound design – A modern retro game requires a modern sound design and Joel Bille handles that beautifully

Twitter: @JoelBulle

RushJet1 – Chipmusic Extraordinaire

For Alwa’s Legacy we hired veteran chip musician RushJet1 to compose a soundtrack that would fit the game and its atmosphere. He has previously composed music for 1001 Spikes, Creepy Castle, PewDiePie’s two games Legend of Brofist and Tuber Simulator as well as a bunch of other games.

Check out his Alwa’s Legacy Demo Livestream video.