Alwa’s Awakening NES

NES programming huh? That seems quite difficult

Alwa’s Awakening originally started as an NES game back in 2014 but due to a bunch of reasons we changed direction and decided we wanted to make a traditional game that could release on modern consoles instead. To be completely honest, our Assembly skills pretty much sucked. Lucky for us though, Paul over at Infinite NES Lives knows Assembly waaaaaay better than us and decided to make his own fan-port of Alwa’s Awakening for the NES.

The port is 100% made by him and our involvment right now is only to support him and to tell our community about his fine work. We are totally on board with him making an NES version of Alwa’s Awakening and it would be absoluteley amazing to see this game be completed. Let’s hope for the best and encourage him along the way!

If you want to follow the development (and you should!) check these links out:


Check out the progress in this YouTube playlist

Click the link below to download the latest version of the game. Since this game is a proper NES game you need an emulator to run it.

Development Screenshots (September 2019)

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