Cyber Shadow

Indie Developer Highlight

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Fact Sheet

Developer: Mechanical Head

Publisher: Yacht Club Games

In today’s Indie Highlight we talk to developer Aarne Hunziker

So, please tell us a bit about your game

Cyber Shadow is an 8-bit influenced jump and slash game featuring a cyborg ninja. You go on a journey to save your ninja clan from the terror of Dr. Progen and his synthetic army.

And who are you? Tell us about your studio

I’m a time traveling robot from the future, disguised as a regular dude with a computer. Don’t tell anyone tho…

What inspired you to create a game such as yours?

I started making a game and forgot to stop. Seeing many retro inspired games (Shovel Knight and Odallus) at the time gave me confidence to keep going, to make a game that combines all the things I like: ninjas, robots and 8-bit art.

The pick and play nature of most NES games really struck me as something that would still be great to have in a modern game. Having just the D-pad and A/B to use, the games were straightforward to start and the level design itself would teach you the ropes. This is why Cyber Shadow sticks to these simple controls, while still going for a myriad of unlockable skills.

For visual influences there’s comics like Transformers or TMNT and manga such as Battle Angel Alita and Trigun. I especially like fading things into absolute darkness since that means there’s less detail to draw overall ;D

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us! Please tell everyone when and where the game will be available

While the final stretch of the game felt like forever, I still got there and the game is finished. Didn’t think I’d ever get to say that… It’s available on Steam, Switch, PS4, PS5, XB1 and XBsX.