Regulator City

Indie Developer Highlight

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Fact Sheet

Developer: Orangepixel

Publisher: Orangepixel

In today’s Indie Highlight we talk to developer Pascal aka Orangepascal

So, please tell us a bit about your game

Regulator City puts you as the Alpha of a team of (AI controlled) trained soldiers that will move alongside you and cover your six, back you up in fights, do specific tasks around the area, and are pretty much your best weapon to complete a range of missions in a hostile Alien-DNA-infected city! All in a real-time arcade game – with a lot of procedural generation to keep the game interesting, re-playable, and surprising along the way.

And who are you? Tell us about your studio

I’m Pascal and started Orangepixel in 2004 to create games for old-school mobile phones (pre Android and iPhone era). From there I moved to smartphones, PC, and Console games. I do code, design, graphics and sound effects, and I work with a small couple of freelance musicians for the various awesome music tunes.

I also love to share my development journey and experience on my YouTube channel and inspire other developers with good clear facts and examples of actually running game development as a full-time job!

What inspired you to create a game such as yours?

I wanted to create a game where you get to be part of a cool team of highly trained soldiers that move as a single entity and know how to take down the bad guys. My main inspiration was TV shows like SEAL team and SWAT!

Most “squad based” games are either turn-based, or you set goals and commands at certain stages of the gameplay. But for my game I wanted the AI to move alongside you, almost as an extension of your thoughts. It’s been difficult to grasp that cool feeling of the tv shows and movies that inspired me, but I think I got REALLY close to what I was aiming for!

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us! Please tell everyone when and where the game will be available

A free and frequently updated demo is available over at Steam. I’m updating it every few months with the latest development build as we move closer to a release. The release will be somewhere in 2024 on PC, with console versions and other releases following that.