Indie Developer Highlight

Indie Highlight is a series of small interviews and developer highlights with the purpose of showing our community cool indie games. Have an indie game and want to be featured here? Let us know about it.

Fact Sheet

Developer: WhyKev

Publisher: WhyKev

In today’s Indie Highlight we talk to developer Kevin Andersson

So, please tell us a bit about your game

A classic 3D platformer with a tactile twist. Open, unfold, and rotate your way through a stunning open world with a varied move set of double-jumps, dashes, and glides. Explore, solve puzzles and make friends as you try to find every last egg!

And who are you? Tell us about your studio

WhyKev is solely run by me. For those that doesn’t know I was a co-founder of Elden Pixels and after I left Elden Pixels I started WhyKev to make strange games. WhyKev is a space for me to express my creativity, some games might be cute small puzzle games and next up is a difficult platformer with unconventional controls that can cause strong emotions.

What inspired you to create a game such as yours?

So right now PaperKlay started because I wanted to get better at making 3D, dust of my skills from school and for some reason people connected with the cute running chicken I shared online and from there I just added what felt natural. No real plan at the start, just wanted to make something that felt good to play around with. But once I made art and decided to actually make a game out of it I took inspiration from old and new 3D platformers and hopefully with a mix of my own crazy ideas I’ll have something that can stand on its own.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us! Please tell everyone when and where the game will be available

Thanks for having me! I’m not sure yet when the game will be out, obviously I have a date in mind but we’ll see if I make it. The game’s quality is the top priority. But everyone can find it on Steam for now!