We’re publishing Kraino Origins on Nintendo Switch!

Hello everyone!

Exciting news for anyone who likes the kind of games we develop and publish! We’ve signed up with developer GameAtomic to bring the tough as nails, brilliant platformer Kraino Origins to the Nintendo Switch! The game consists of eight challenging levels and any fan of the original Castlevania games will get their needs met with this great retro title! Here’s the game brief.

Take control of Kraino and fight monsters, ghosts, and zombies with your mighty scythe! Avoid saws, fireballs, pools of acid, and spikes as you find all the secrets and unlock powerful weapons. Kraino Origins is retro gaming goodness!

  • A fast-paced action platformer, tough as nails!
  • Explore 8 huge levels and fight bosses in true retro style
  • Find collectibles to upgrade your magic and health
  • Collect a slew of powerful weapons and use them to wreak havoc!

We’re super excited to be able to work with such a great game as Kraino Origins. It’s made in its entirety by one man and we signed up to help get the game out on Switch. 

Kraino Origins will be released on March 28 with a price of $11.99.

And here’s the announcement trailer.

As always, thank you for being awesome.

All the best,
Elden Pixels