Indie Developer Highlight

Indie Highlight is a series of small interviews and developer highlights with the purpose of showing our community cool indie games. Have an indie game and want to be featured here? Let us know about it.

Fact Sheet

Developer: Kyle Thompson

Publisher: Kyle Thompson

In today’s Indie Highlight we talk to developer Kyle Thompson

So, please tell us a bit about your game

Sheepo is a quirky pacifistic metroidvania where you explore a strange planet, collect the creatures you find, and then shape-shift into them. Each creature has their own unique movement style, which forces you to adapt, often juggling between several forms in order to react particularly difficult spots in the game.

Sheepo doesn’t have standard combat, instead the goal is to simply explore, collect and transform; eventually saving the mysterious planet, Cebron, in the process.

And who are you? Tell us about your studio

My name is Kyle Thompson and I did all the programming/art/design for Sheepo, my brother Eric made all the music. My day job is as a photographer, although I’ve done gamedev on and off (but mostly off) since I was a kid. Sheepo is my first commercial game though, and the first game I’ve made since flash games were still popular!

What inspired you to create a game such as yours?

I was inspired to include the shape-shifting aspect into Sheepo after watching “The Thing”, which is funny because the moods between the two could not be any more different.
It was also my first game in 10+ years, so it became a bit of a mashup of all the ideas I had within that limbo period. I knew I wanted to make a metroidvania, and from there I just began building the idea up a bit. The creatures and characters in Sheepo are all based on doodles I’ve drawn since I was a kid. Sheepo also takes a lot of inspiration from games like An Untitled Story, Spyro, and Ori.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us! Please tell everyone when and where the game will be available

Thank you! Sheepo will be available on Steam for PC on August 26th! Please make sure to wishlist!