Announcing The Prisoning: Fletcher’s Quest as our next game!

Hello everyone!

A Void Hope is still on the way, but so is another game – The Prisoning: Fletcher’s Quest!

The Prisoning: Fletcher’s Quest is a procedurally generated metroidvania where you enter a game developer’s mental prison after an intense project (totally based on a real story). Take control of his dream persona Fletcher, a slightly overweight 43 year old divorcee, craft beer enthusiast and cowboy hat-wearer and escape the mental prison to save the day!

🎮 Clear yourself of anxiety
🎮 Progress through randomized levels
🎮 Defeat or befriend gang leaders
🎮 Upgrade weapons, defeat bosses, find collectibles and all that jazz

The Prisoning: Fletcher’s Quest is coming to PC and consoles in 2024. Stay tuned in on our social media channels and newsletter for further updates!

Wishlist on Steam here.

Here’s the alpha trailer.

As always, thank you for being awesome.

All the best,

Elden Pixels