Alwa’s Awakening about to release on PlayStation 4

We’re happy to announce that Alwa’s Awakening will soon release on PlayStation 4!

When we first released Alwa’s Awakening on Steam we always hoped that it one day would find itself out on console and we’re super excited to be able to add PS4 to platforms our game is available on. It runs beautifully and we’ve added an unique platinum trophy that you can collect! Price is 9.99 USD or the equivalent in your region.

We’ll post a release date soon so stay tuned to our social media or website for the latest news!

Check out the PlayStation 4 launch trailer

Use your magic staff and progress through a large interconnected world where you’ll solve puzzles, fight enemies and defeat bosses in order to help free the land of Alwa. Explore and uncover the secrets by using your platforming skills in this challenging and charming 8-bit adventure game.

  • A challenging adventure platform game
  • Use the magic staff to solve puzzles and defeat enemies
  • Find and unlock upgrades to your items and abilities
  • Explore a large interconnected world in true ‘Metroidvania’ style
  • Listen to a catchy 8-bit soundtrack with over 25 original tracks

As always, thank you for being awesome.

All the best,
Elden Pixels