Alwa’s Awakening is heading to Xbox One!

It’s finally time to release Alwa’s Awakening on Xbox One! This means our game will soon be available on all four major platforms, a major milestone indeed! You might wonder why it has taken us this long to get the game out? Well, the reason for that is we’ve been busy working on our new game and we’re only a small team but now the Xbox One version of Alwa’s Awakening is finally here and we’re really excited to release it soon.

Xbox One?! We know what you’re thinking and:

  • YES! It will come in a glorious low resolution of 400×240 pixels!
  • YES! It will have 64 colors!
  • YES! It will have localized achievement names and descriptions!
  • YES! It will run perfectly smooth on your Xbox One!

To help us with this Xbox One version we had help from our lovely friends and office buddies Retroid. They ported the entire game and they did an amazing job, we couldn’t have done it without them. Literally, we couldn’t. We don’t know how it works.

If you’re a content creator head over to our press page to request a code right now, we have plenty.

Alwa’s Awakening will release on November 5th and here’s the trailer

As always, thank you for being awesome.

All the best,
Elden Pixels